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Stormsein game rules for playing with smaller children (about 5 years old)

You can play Stormsein with small children in a simplified version of the game rules :
The starting lineup is the same (also put the starter logs on c4, c6, c8, c10 and c12),
Only you skip some steps, by starting with a jeep and a boat (so not with the pawn).
You put the jeep at your house and you put your boat in the harbor.
You only use the 6-eyed die (also for the boat).
You can move your boat and your jeep back and forth as much as you want,
so if you throw 6, for example, you can take 2 steps forward, 2 steps back and again 2 steps
The boat is still not allowed to move diagonally, but the boat is allowed to move in all wind
directions (including going in a circle).
You only use Card deck A. Card deck B is for big people.

A turn goes like this:
First, draw a card,
execute the command,
roll the dice and choose whether to go with your boat or jeep,
then try to grab wood.
You win if you have 10 pieces of wood, your jeep at home and the boat in the harbor.
Running time 2 persons: about 15 min.
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